About Us



ids are an Australian owned and designed fashion label proudly led by a team of dedicated women.

Started in Melbourne in 1998 by women who wanted to see more variety, innovation, and quality in womenswear, ids earnt a cult following for uncomplicated everyday wear. Still with the same values set out in 1998 of empowering women, ids have now launched into a new era of womenswear for the contemporary woman.

The brand is known for its striking yet clean silhouettes blending sophistication, allure, and a dash of edge. With soft quality fabrics that are designed to melt across the body accentuating the beauty of the female form we want our customers to feel confident and powerful as they take up and most importantly claim their space in any environment.

The charm of the specially crafted ids dress lies in the well throughout and functional details that not only appeal to the eye but are closely designed for comfort and with the female body at the forefront.